3 Hours

Experimental Desıgn & Analysis, Applıcation to Various Engineering Fields

Course Subjects

  • Statistical techniques used in experimentation
  • Taguchi methodology (System design, Parametric design and Tolerance design).
  • Taguchi approach to quality and Quality loss function
  • Steps invloved in Taguchi method (Identification test conditions, selected factors and their levels, Conducting matrix experiment, and Confirmation tests)
  • Selection orthogonal array types (L8, L9, L16 etc.)
  • SNR calculation and theoretical analysis
  • ANOVA analysis (Standard L8 OA, L9)
  • Full/Partial factorial analysis (L16, L18, L27, L36)
  • Regresion analysis
  • Why do we use which method?

*Factorial design-Option 1

*Taguchi method-Option 2

*Random design-Option 3

  • Case studies for different engineering areas:

Case study-1   Hardness results

Case study-2   Surface roughness evaluation

Case study-3  Wear rate results


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